Argus O.M.R. Intraday

All the information you need throughout the day in one place.

Argus O.M.R. Intraday is an all-day reference point for timely news and well-founded analyses to provide you with information about everything that moves the Oil Markets. The Prisma indications show you what prices have already been offered or traded during the day, whilst providing a comprehensive overview of the current market structure.


  • Get information on current price changes and the reasons that caused them – Including international factors affecting the domestic market.
  • Detailled information on the current market environment that will enable you to develop a strategy for the trading day, evaluate suppliers, or help in negotiations.
  • View developments in Rhine water levels and subsequent freight rate changes that give you a more comprehensive view of the market environment. 


  • Integrated overview of price changes and Prisma for daily negotiation:
    • Argus O.M.R. price indication at 11.30 am and 14.30 pm for spot trading of heating oil, diesel and gasoline in the eleven German Argus Media price regions
  • Simple overview of all relevant and current developments regarding the fuel markets
    • Including commodity exchange and currency overviews with the shortest possible time delay
    • News wire and oil news
  • Proactively identify trading and profit opportunities during the day
    • Including overview of currency rates, premiums and Mean Import Parities (MIPs)
    • Daily analysis of the early indicators, commodity exchange developments and their influence on the fuel markets
  • Convenient smartphone app included
  • Access to all data via the OMR platform or automated FTP download

Market participants that benefit

  • Refinery operators
  • Retailers/importers
  • Gas station operators
  • Tank storage operators
  • Vehicle fleet operators